Colby +

Colby + is a company laser-focused on using "best in the world" materials to build technical products for surfers.  

If we don't start with the best ingredients, we can't possibly hope to build the very best performing products.  

Our first releases will be

Colby + Yamamoto, the very best in limestone-based Neoprene
Colby + TiZip, the very best in waterproof zippers...designed and manufactured in Germany, TiZip zippers will make waterproof bags and gear truly...waterproof
Colby + Schoeller, the very best in technical woven fabrics...And we're just getting started

We are a small, artisinal shop in Santa Barbara, focused on designing products we are passionate about.  And that passion drives us to make the best products possible.  We aren't talking about diminishing return either.  You will get exceptional quality for a price only slightly higher than the major brands' entry level products.  

We offer a no-nonsense 1-year warranty with free repairs for the life of the suit.  And...a responsible recycling options once your suit is done performing.  We also ship and return/exchange for free.