We make wetsuits and technical products for surfing.  We only use Best in the World materials on all of our products. We are launching with Colby + Yamamoto, our range of Men's Wetsuits featuring 100% Yamamoto #39 and #40 as well as our own proprietary jersey lining.  

100% Yamamoto Neoprene, designed for max warmth, performance and durability
Chest Zip design for ease of entry/exit as well as stress-free paddling
The softest, warmest, most supple suit you’ll ever wear.

Colby + Yamamoto

German-made TiZip waterproof and airtight zippers...Built for max performance and durability
- 30L Roll Top
- 30L Colby + TiZip Backpack
- 80L Colby + TiZip Duffel

Coming in September

Schoeller fabrics Built for max performance and durability. Three styles in darker military colorways
- the AGILITY short
- the STABILITY short
- the VERSATILITY short

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3M adhesive. 3/16" thick cord pads, built simply for max performance and durability
- the flat 2 piece
- the arched 3 piece
- the fish groveler

Coming in October
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